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Sokol Berberi
Elira Zaka - Executive Director of the Centre
Served in the Parliament from 1991-1998 in the position of Legal advisor to the Parliamentary Committees and Advisor to the Presidency of the Parliament. Member of the drafting group of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament and active participant on the constitutional process. Lector in the Law Faculty on Legislative Drafting. During 1999, as Program Director on Monitoring the prison and pre-detention sites, a joint program of the Albanian Helsinki Committee and Netherlands Helsinki Committee. On April 2007 he has been appointed member of the Constitutional Court of Albania.

She has worked with several international organizations in Albania, UNDP, ORT/USAID, CRS etc. She has worked as editor in the Publishing House of University. She worked also as Coordinator/ Project Director for the Coalition “All Together against Child Trafficking”, active in combating child trafficking. From February 2000, she is working for the Centre for Parliamentary Studies. From 2000 she is Editor-in-chief of the review “Parliamentary law and legal politics”. On April 2007 she has been appointed Executive Director of the Centre for Parliamentary Studies. She has a long experience with drafting, managing and leading many projects of the CPS.
Perikli Polloshi
  Rovena Pregja – Projects coordinator of the Centre
Served on Parliament from 1991-1994 in the position of Legal advisor and Chief-advisor of the Parliamentary Committees. Member of the drafting staff of the Constitution of the Albania. Lector on Constitution Law in the Magistrates School of Albania.

 She has studied in the Law Faculty (2001) and completed the Master studies in Public Administration (2006). She has worked in the public sector as the Tirana District Court, High Council of Justice and Ministry of Justice. She has worked in international organizations as the EURALIUS in the position of the legal assistant. From November 2007 she is working for the Centre for Parliamentary Studies in the position of the projects coordinator. She has an experience in drafting, coordinating and managing of the various projects implemented by the CPS, regarding the justice system and public administration issues.
Leon Shestani
 Irida Nikolla - Finance Specialist of the Centre

Member of the staff of the Parliament from 1992 in the position of Director of the foreign relations department, Advisor on Foreign relations and Secretary of the Albanian National Delegation to the Assemblies of the Council of Europe and the OSCE. June 1999-November 1999 Advisor for Foreign relations and protocol of the Prime Minister.
 She has studied at University of New York Tirana, bachelor of science, business administration (2007) and completed Master Degree (MBA) at Universitaire Kurt Bosch (2009).She has worked as Finance Officer at Bellaire company (2007-2009). Actually she is working as Finance Specialist at Asseco See company. She has worked in international organizations as GTZ Albania as administrative accountant and as project coordinator at SIFE. From January 2011 she is working as finance specialist (part-time) at Center of Parliamentary Studies. She has experience in preparation of financial statements, maintaining of accounting and preparation of balance sheet.
Filip Lako
Served on Parliament from 1986-1998 in the position of head of Table Office; Advisor of the Parliamentary Committee and Advisor of the Presidency of the Parliament; Specialist of Legislative Drafting.

Karmen Qineti
Served on Parliament from 1992-1997 in the position of the Legal Advisor and Advisor to the Presidency of the Parliament. From 1998, Director of the Magistrates School.
Kastriot Islami - Advisory Board
Former Speaker of the Parliament, 1991-1992; Member of the Parliament, 1997.